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"My From Aid to Trade message to 15 million people worldwide: Haiti needs jobs!"

Social entrepreneur Daniel Jean-Louis draws on lessons from Haiti and the impact of foreign aid on developing countries. He analyzes how entrepreneurship and private investment work as wealth creators, and explores how transitioning from models of aid to ones of trade, interest the collaboration of businesses, governments and aid organizations themselves. Social entrepreneur and author from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Co-founder of Bridge Capital, the first investment fund for small and medium businesses in Haiti.

"From Aid to Trade' keynote speech delivered with standing ovation at the State of the Health Congress organized by the organization ' Ansanm pou Ayiti' on May 11th 2018"

I invite you to watch my ' From Aid to Trade' keynote speech delivered with standing ovation at the State of the Health Congress organized by the organization ' Ansanm pou Ayiti' on May 11th 2018 at the Karibe Convention Center in Port au Prince, Haiti. During this remark I drew a clear link between the urgent need for Health Care and economic activities. More jobs means more people have means to pay for health contributions which in turn triggers a virtuous cycle of better care within the population. Production: Lynk Communications / Abed Jean- Louis

"Daniel Jean-Louis introduces From Aid to Trade"

De l'Aide au Commerce / From Aid to Trade - January keynote @ the 6th Buy Haitian Restore Haiti- Port au Prince, Haiti #1MillionJobsforHaiti #MakeHaitiProud #TradeNotAid

"Honorary Doctorate to Daniel Jean- Louis"

11 years after graduation, Liberty University confers an an honorary doctorate degree to native of Haiti, Daniel Jean- Louis with sitting US president in attendance. Jean- Louis is working in Haiti to implement business initiative as a way to end poverty in Haiti and around the world. He is the initiator of the 100kjobs in Haiti, the CEO of Bridge Capital and the author of From Aid to Trade.

"Daniel Jean Louis From Aid To Trade lecture @Tulane University 10 30 17"

From Aid to Trade lecture at Tulane University regarding the role of businesses and private investment in sustainable economic development vs Aid. Have fun watching. Please share with others.

"Keynote lecture at the Faith and International Development Conference (FIDC) at Calvin College, Michigan February 2017."

The presentation focuses on the role of business as central to economic development. Businesses pursue opportunities which provides value added to the economy. The Aid community and the government need to support businesses to help them grow so they lift more people out of poverty by providing them with dignified jobs. That's the power of hope! -

“Interview with Kesner Pharel Tele Metropole”

In this Creole interview with Radio Tele Metropole, Daniel explains his business background and discusses From Aid to Trade with Haitian audiences.

“Interview with Daniel Jean-Louis — Transformational Business in Haiti”

This 2013 English interview with Business as Mission in Chiang Mai, Thailand discusses how foreign aid has been misaligned to the Haitian economy, and how aid organizations can partner with local businesses to create sustainable growth. Daniel also discusses on the 100K Jobs Program which seeks to create and sustain 100,000 jobs in the Haitian economy by 2020.

“PW Yearly Conference: Speaker Daniel Jean-Louis”

This short conference trailer provides a brief look at the 100K Jobs Program.

“Daniel Jean-Louis introduces From Aid to Trade"

Above is a video of Haitian author Daniel Jean-Louis explaining in his new book ' From Aid to Trade ' why mothers can't feed children, fathers can't afford rent and young people can't afford education in Haiti. These are the real problems and their solutions require entrepreneurial opportunities that will generate jobs and economic growth. From Aid to Trade

“Speaker: Daniel Jean-Louis”

This 2016 Creole lecture at ELAN Haiti, an initiative aimed at engaging entrepreneurs, encourages young Haitians to take charge of the country’s economic future. Daniel discusses the centrality of transaction in market economies and the importance of reconceptualizing liabilities into opportunities to meet demand.

"DJL" in "Le Point 08 Avril 2016"

This Creole interview with Radio Tele Metropole (during the second half of the program) introduces From Aid to Trade with Haitian audiences. Daniel discusses why he chose to write in English, how NGOs can support Haitian businesses, and the political implications of the current global aid regime.

"Daniel Jean- Louis answering questions about his book ' From Aid to Trade'."

This books details the problem of Aid and offers real and practical solution to turn Aid into an economic development tool that will allow countries like Haiti to find a competitive edge towards the path of development- / /

"Daniel Jean- Louis - Le point Radio- Tele Metropole"

Daniel Jean- Louis intervient sur Le Point de Radio et Tele Metropole pour expliquer la creation d'emplois en Haiti and l'implication de l'engagement From Aid to Trade pour supporter cet objectif.

"Le Point - Daniel Jean Louis 25 Mai 2017"

Daniel Jean- Louis answers the questions of Wendell Theodore from Radio/ Tele Metropole regarding the Honorary Doctorate Degree he received from Liberty University with sitting US President in attendance.

"Kesner Pharel & Daniel Jean Louis"

Kesner Pharel & Daniel Jean- Louis discussing on the book ' From Aid to Trade' and Opportunity- Based Economic Development ( OBED) presenting a method of transforming asset and Liability can be transform into business opportunity to create wealth and jobs- /