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Trade Not Aid

After participating in the world- acclaimed documentary Poverty Inc., I have decided to co- produce another documentary but this time focusing more on solutions than the problems caused by Aid. Our new documentary, Trade Not Aid, highlights the top 3 country killers in Haiti and moves on to propose the business solutions to eradicate poverty and create employment. I am inviting you to watch below the trailer plus many previews of the stories featured in the film. The full film is scheduled to be released this Fall. Thank you for your support. Please, contact me if you have any question.

How Foreign Direct Investment Can Contribute to Economic Development in Haiti

The story of Haiti is not only about corruption and failure. It is also about success. Big success! Please watch the preview of one of the major success stories in Haiti. Our Trade, Not Aid documentary team interviewed, Maarten Boute, the chairman of Digicel, on the role of entrepreurship and investment in the economic recovery and job creation in Haiti. Digicel is now worth $ 1 Billion dollars and is the biggest employer and tax payer in the Haitian society. An outstanding example for other investors to follow. Please help us share this message of Hope! Full documentary is scheduled to be released Fall 2018. Production: Lynk Communications

Trade, Not Aid- Haitian Economist Etzer Emile on corruption

Please watch a preview of Trade, Not Aid video interview with Etzer Emile. He speaks about the impact of corruption on the economy and inequality in Haiti. Full documentary will be released Fall 2018. Production: LYNK Communications with Daniel Jean-Louis #1MillionJobsforHaiti

Joseph Bataille on job creation in Haiti- Trade Not Aid

In our upcoming documentary, Trade, Not Aid, the executive director of World Relief Haiti, Joseph Bataille Jr, argues that providing job opportunity is one of the key solutions to the long term problem of economic depravation in Haiti. Providing jobs will not only solve the basic problems of dignity but it will also help people grow and build a better society. Full documentary is scheduled to be released Fall of 2018. Production: LYNK Communications #FromAidtoTrade #1MillionJobsforHaiti

How Manufacturing can create jobs in Haiti- Ralph Edmond

The CEO of Laboratoires Farmatrix, Ralph Edmond explains in our documentary, Trade, Not Aid, why manufacturing is a viable option for job creation in Haiti. Full documentary is scheduled to be released in Fall 2018. From Aid to Trade #1MillionJobsforHaiti #MakeHaitiProud


We are happy to release the trailer for our upcoming documentary ‘ Trade, Not Aid’. Please support the local businesses by sharing this message of hope. The full documentary will be release this fall 2018. With love from Haiti, Trade, not Aid team.

Daniel jean louis, Trade, not aid corrected

Corruption prevents economic development and kills hope in Haiti. Full length of our documentary, Trade, Not Aid, is scheduled to be released this Fall- 2018. Production:@Lynk Communication #1MillionJobsforHaiti #FromAidtoTrade #MakeHaitiProud

How Government Corruptions Kill Dreams in Haiti- The Nouveau Kiskeya Project

Dear friends, we invite you to watch this PREVIEW of one of the stories featured in our upcoming documentary, Trade Not Aid. In this preview, you will have the opportunity to watch and hear from 3 main investors and promoters of one of the saddest stories of private investment and economic development killed by government corruption in Haiti. The project started with an initial capital of 35 million dollars to create 20, 000 new jobs in the North Ouest, the poorest area in Haiti. All gone because investors refused to pay bribes. The full documentary is scheduled to be released by Fall 2018. Production: LYNK Communications #1MillionJobsforHaiti #FromAidtoTrade #MakeHaitiProud