my story

daniel jean-louis

Born in Gonaïves, I spent my childhood watching aid efforts in Haiti fail. A scholarship from the Baptist Haiti Mission allowed me to study at Liberty University, and I returned in 2006, eager to change our story. 

In 2016, I published From Aid to Trade, co-authored with Jacqueline Klamer. In 2019, I published From Aid to Self-Sustainability. Both of these books use research and case studies to explore the failures of current aid models and the opportunities for real change.

I’ve been fortunate to lecture at several universities, including Notre Dame and Tulane, and I’ve consulted with decision-makers at the Inter-American Development Bank, USAID, and the World Bank. Over the years, I trained development professionals in Ecuador, Argentina, Jamaica, Ivory Coast, France, The Netherlands, Thailand, and Haiti. In 2017, my alma mater awarded me an honorary doctorate. 

I dedicated my life to the fight against poverty, but these days, I find myself thinking (and writing) about happiness. How can we invest in ourselves and in our communities to yield true and sustained happiness for all? 

President of Baptist Haiti Mission, CEO of Bridge Capital