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Creating Wealth to End Poverty: OBED Principles at Work

How does a country move from simply making trade-based transactions that support the economy to making superior transactions that increase wealth exponentially?

In his first book, From Aid to Trade, Daniel Jean-Louis outlined his theory of opportunity-based economic development. In From Trade to Self-Sustainability, Jean-Louis develops his theory through deeply researched case studies to create an evidence-based strategy based on five key principles: Wealth acceleration; Moving GDP percentages from agriculture to manufacturing to services; Diversifying across the economy; Avoiding income inequality; and Pursuing SEVA (superior economic value added).

From Trade to Self-Sustainability offers a sure path toward economic success and poverty reduction.



How Aid Organizations, Businesses, and Governments Can Work Together: Lessons Learned From Haiti

Why do poor countries remain poor? After the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, authors Daniel Jean-Louis and Jacqueline Klamer observed first-hand the negative consequences of donations provided with the sincerest of good intentions. Based on primary research, in-depth case studies, and personal experience, From Aid to Trade offers practical, achievable ways for developing countries to grow more viable economies. Ambitious and optimistic, From Aid to Trade confronts the inadequacies of current aid strategies and offers a clear solution for economic growth in Haiti and other developing countries.