Economic Opportunities and Health Care in Haiti

Health Care in Haiti

The health care industry in Haiti presents a great opportunity for job creation and economic
development. The health care industry can engage different professionals or trade and crafts
within the country. From the architect who draws the hospital building plans to the structural
engineers that develop them. In the above process, the electricians, plumbers, the material
and transporters will be fully engaged to bring about the hospital buildings. Not forgetting to
mention the pharmaceutical industries that produce drugs and also those who will build
medical equipment and laboratory machines.

Economic Opportunities

Economic opportunities abound within the Haiti health care industry, because not only is
health care necessary but it is not an option. Health care has to be embraced and developed
and can also be used as a wonderful medium for job and wealth creation. Of course, the
healthier our people, the wealthier our society.
Health care is an essential aspect of every nation. The necessity of a functional health care
sector cannot be overlooked. Each step of the way in setting up a hospital provides numerous
opportunities for business to start, grow and flourish. This makes it a reason why Haiti health
care industry is not just a choice, but mandatory for economic growth as stated above.
The health care sector operates in a chain like entity. Just look at it from this point: from the
hospital buildings, though it is not just about buildings, installations and every process
needed to bring about a health care facility.

It is worthy to note that health care needs a lot of
resources and workforce for this chain like system to function effectively. The synergy
required from different vital players is not what that can be toiled with. Of course, bringing
together these resources will create an opportunity for job creation for Haitians. This may
stem from individuals to business, then from business to health care and then the virtuous
circle goes on. This appears simple, but they are a lot of wealth to be created for everyone.
This process embraces government and private participation, a kind of public-private

Haitian Healthcare Industry

The Haitian healthcare industry can as well attract foreign direct investment from
multinational corporations that are interested in investing in the medical sector to private
equity ventures. Being a developing nation, the Haitian health care sector can create
employment for its citizens as the industry sees expansion and growth. When such investors
bring in their monies, it will go through the banks, that means our financial institutions will
have more capital in their hands, they will also import equipment and machines which they
will have to pay customs duties, that again is money for our government. All these processes
will require both skilled and unskilled labor to ensure success.

Quality health care services are expensive, so we need to create jobs for our people so they
can afford excellent health care services for themselves. We need to generate disposable
income for our common citizen. Our greatest obstacles of creating disposable income for the
people are political instability, corruption, and foreign aid. These three hindrances have
plagued Haiti for too long. The global solution to excellent health care services remains the
creation of job opportunities for people, so they can work and raise income for themselves.

Quality Health Care Service

Then use these revenues to pay either private companies or the government (in the form of
taxes) to access proper health care services. Now quality health care services depend on the
functionality of the different sectors of the country. Health care services are linked to jobs
and necessary infrastructures such as good roads, electricity, transportation system, banking,
supplies and importation, pharmaceutical/drugs manufacturing, building developing, etc. It is
all linked to each other to have a capable health care system. How would you build a hospital
in a rural area if they is no electricity there? The medical equipment will not function
without power supply. Of course, the basis of lack of those structures starts with the lack of
employment and job opportunities, lack of economic opportunities, lack of investment, and
lack of decency. To show that we are patriots of Haiti, that we love our country and people,
we will provide the necessary systems and incentives for economic activities start, for the
people to work and live with dignity so that they can afford themselves their health care

The health care industry is interrelated to all other industries

The health care industry is interrelated to all other industries, the health care sector cannot
function in isolation, health care cannot be separated from economic development. Any
attempt to do that will result to an ineffective and failed health care system. Also, health care
cannot be removed from political decisions, good, and sound legislative decisions. Any
attempt to isolate health care by itself as a standalone entity will further compromise its
ability to solve the health care crisis and would be suicidal. The health care industry can be
compared to the human anatomy, where several small systems working together and
interlinked to each other for the human to survive. The health care system also needs other
systems for it to function effectively.

Finally, what is the solution? Firstly we need good leadership. A leadership that sees the
health care needs of the society as paramount and places the welfare of the society above
itself. Not only do we need leadership, but we also need collaboration from the private sector,
the NGO communities, and the government. Everyone needs to come together to bring about
decency, workable and effective health care systems to our citizens. Until then, we won’t
achieve much.